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A.I.M. 2 FAQ

  1. If I have a question can it be added to this FAQ?

    Yes, if we consider it interesting for many gamers.

  2. The action in A.I.M. 2 will take place in Range-4 or in some other place?

    The action in A.I.M. 2 will take place in Range-4. But it should be mentioned that some of the old locations will be inaccessible. Some new locations will be added.

  3. Can I establish my own organization?

    Surely. There will be such an opportunity. Moreover it is one of the key features of the sequel.

  4. Can I build and destroy any base or building?

    The building of new constructions is inaccessible as well as their destruction due to force field of the buildings.

  5. Can I capture the building and use its resources?

    Yes. After the capture building resources become much cheeper for clansmen. But appears the necessity to supply the building with all the necessary resources to support its work.

  6. What about new quests?

    All the quests will be new and they will be generating ones. It must be added that there will be more quests than in the previous game.

  7. Do you plan to pay more attention to RPG-element?

    There is no classical RPG-element in the game. But there must be said that we will enlarge the number of ratings: trade, battle, courier.

  8. Will be there in A.I.M. 2 new gliders and weapons?

    Surely they will. The old ones will be improved.

  9. What new upgrades and devices can be seen?

    About new devices we will say later. The system of upgrades will be remaked. New opportunity will appear to upgrade any element in the glider.


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