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«A.I.M.»: Trailers


  1. If I have a question can it be added to this FAQ?

    Yes, if we consider it interesting for many gamers.

  2. How can I play A.I.M. online?

    Unfortunately there is no opportunity to play A.I.M. online. But you can play over LAN.

  3. Why mechs transport infopacks instead of using radio communication?

    Radio communication was forbidden by Creators from the moment of generating of the Range. The point is that radio signal can be backtraced and it can cause the detection of the Range.

  4. Mechs which fell into lava-flow, water or chasm are beyond the reach of my glider. How can I get them?

    After a time they will be taken by the Rescuer. Rescuers'guidance systems can be seen everywhere. They look like little mechanic flying bugs.

  5. Are there any cheat codes in A.I.M.? Where can I get them?

    There is a hidden console in which some of the commands can be activated. But we don't publish the list of them because it can spoil the atmosphere of the game. Besides it can break internal game scripts execution which cause crush of the game.


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 project A.I.M.

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